Anchoring nlp dating

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This book isn't for people who want to learn while in a trance.This isn't a book for people who want a Practitioner certificate just for showing up on the course.If you can't name something, how can you become a craftsman in its use?

How can we truly understand NLP and the rich benefits that it offers if we dismiss the very foundation that it stands on?Similarly, learning the tools and techniques of NLP is neither the beginning nor the end of your journey.Learning to use a saw doesn't make you a carpenter, and learning to be a carpenter doesn't make you a craftsman. But it is one of the most versatile and valuable tool kits that you will ever discover, and learning NLP is a journey that will bring you value, insight and reward beyond what you may have first imagined.Even chimps (which I believe are our genetic ancestors) use mirroring within their groups.This begs the question, why do I need to write about mirroring, if it's so natural?

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