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Unlike the Parrot and DJI models, it doesn’t have a compatible joystick controller but this is a relatively small drawback.

With the tagline #myflyingcamera, it’s obvious this is aimed at those wanting to take selfies with a difference (“dronies”, apparently).

It’s compact, stable and great fun to use, making it suitable for experts and newbies alike.

It will fly to a range of 300m, which is plenty for most needs, and it has a 14MP camera which delivers decent 1080p footage.

We focused on ease-of-use, battery life, range and picture quality. Battery life is without-doubt the biggest limitation on most drones available at the moment.

The propellers use a lot of power which either means a big, heavy power pack or a compromise on the flight time.

Spend £20,000 and you’ll be shooting Planet Earth III in no time.

We took our drones out for a spin in a London park, testing out their top speed, manoeuvrability and picture-taking abilities.

There are a couple of minor gripes that let it down slightly.

Unlike some of the more expensive models, it doesn’t have any removable storage, so once you’ve filled up the 8GB internal drive you have to wipe and start again.

Also, the Wi-Fi connection between the controller and the drone cuts out a couple of times when it should have been within range, which is a little frustrating. As with many of the drones we tested, you can control it with the Parrot app on your phone or connect it to a joystick controller which feels more natural. Yuneec Breeze 4K: £395, Amazon Muscling in on DJI and Parrot’s position at the mid-to-high end of the market is relative newcomer, Yuneec, which burst onto the scene with its mean-looking Typhoon drone in 2015. It’s certainly aptly named as it couldn’t be easier to set up.

The cameras included on cheaper models are considerably more basic by comparison.

Drones costing a few hundred pounds or more have features such as a gimbal, which is essentially a steady-cam that gives stunning, professional-looking aerial video.

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