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This guy said that he was one of my classmates that I had been crushing on for a year and said that he wanted to chat.

He sent me a video request and I, being stupid, said "yes." I will not get into…

What's the point in having a moderated Teen Chat when there's an unmoderated one right there? Read Full Review I didn't see any mature people on there, you'll say but it's a chatbox what you've been waiting for. Read Full Review you can be banned from any room at any time for any reason although you are provided no reason except some arbitrary 'you are banned' ...

I've been waiting for mature staff that's here to listen to you but no instead of that they insult and harras you.. the terms of the site insisting you should speak English should be a red flag about the small minded mentality of the site.

from a site that is supposed to enable 'communication'…

Who are just plain pervs and I think it needs to be better monitord I have decided to never use it ever again Anymore So many nasty people and to many messages…

Read Full Review Written on: 07/09/2017 Thanks for the review. However, to allow people in there to go in and brag about incest and r a p e, and children is beyond anything I can imagine as acceptable behavior.

I had the same problem you did -- many of the people in the chat rooms are perverted! This room needs to be able to set up blocks on people that use such words and then review and block their IP address so they cannot come back.

Moreover, when I asked a moderator why such conversation was permitted, she banned me from the chat room. Also when someone is blocked, by one user they should be blocked forever, not just that visit. Read Full Review Written on: 07/09/2017 I had the same problem as you.

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