Consolidating accounts uk

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The UK is one of the largest economies in both the EU and the world and we play our part by making it easier for business to trade.

Last year, as planned, we reached the end of our three-year programme of issuing Accelerated Payment Notices () to users of eligible avoidance schemes.Of our total compliance yield, approximately £5 billion cuts across different groups and cannot be allocated to a specific group.A total of 886 criminals and fraudsters were prosecuted in 2016 to 2017, mostly for tax-related offences, serving a collective total of 806 years in prison.We work and consult closely with a wide range of different groups and stakeholders, such as customer representatives and software developers, to make sure we are getting our strategy right. At 31 March 2017, we had around 61,800 full-time equivalent employees in 145 buildings across the UK, collecting tax and duties from more than 45 million individuals and 5.4 million businesses.Tax credits benefitted 4.1 million families and around 7.2 million children and Child Benefit supported around 12.9 million children.

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