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I know too many men who kept it 100 every day and are happy. Accept that once you free yourself from the judgements of others, understand that many of the elders that taught you to forgo your happiness in dating for the sake of the black community will likely die without facing the consequences of their agendas, and that there’s really nothing peoples’ opinions of you can really impact in your life beyond what you let it impact.

The fact is that you will see that finding true love can happen.

NOW it’s being co-opted by women who use it to excuse shit like the annoying thoughts and antics of people like Crissle from The Read.

I simply disagree with the belief that black nerd men need to meet a certain level of attractiveness or to conform to some standard of dress, conversation, interests or personality.

The problem isn’t that it’s black women dating outside their race, the problem is that after a while you start to realize where your not wanted. Fact is, blerds are at a disadvantage as even the so called “pick mes” don’t want us as clearly we don’t fit their standards either.

Beyond that, blerd men are faced with being not an option, emasculated or are to stuff ourselves into some hotep ass identity to attract some chick who likely has a bunch of guys telling her that the black woman is god and Pay Paling her money.

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Michael, 46-Year-Old Musician "Before [black women] even knew me, they said, 'How many kids you got? ' Dating outside my race, I haven't had no issues like that at all." Koro, 33-Year-Old Teacher "I've been practicing abstinence for three years—three years with no sex.

After hearing the men's experiences (and, as the above clip shows, challenging some of their notions), Iyanla thanks them for coming to the House of Healing.

"Thank you for being a demonstration, because I know there are hundreds of thousands of black men, all ages, who've had these experiences," she says.

What, because some guy who claims to be a doctor says only black women will understand our struggle? The average black nerd’s struggle isn’t even racism so much as it’s being ostracized from the black community, nerd communities and now even black nerd communities as now black men are attacked in women-led black nerd circles as being toxic; but let some random Asian dude with a six pack who likes black girls or some white guy with a soulful voice that can sing Frank Ocean show up, and suddenly he’s bae.

If anything, a white nerd girl would get you more than anyone else as most nerd circles in general don’t welcome women, and black nerd women get away with drinking “white women tears” but apparently misogynoir or whatever is different and worse because “the black woman is the most disrespected woman on the face of the earth.” No, this applied back when it was said.

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