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On each hill, the one to the east and that to the west, was a large wooden hay shed standing in the meadows where the harvested hay was put. The bulk of the Boland estate was sold in 1921, al- though the house stood until 1925 and was in possession of the Boland family until the end .Any surplus hay left after feeding the horses and cattle on the farm was sold. THE DEVELOPMENT OF MOORLANDS PARK (the original name of Claverach Park) The Friday October 7, 1921 issue of the Watchman Advocate – published in Claytop – has an article entitled “Moorlands Park to be Opened Soon” – with the sub-title “Old Boland Estate One of the Most Beautiful Adjoining the City of St. Part of this article reads as follows: “Announcement of the opening in the near future of a new subdivision called Moor- lands Park, located on Wydown Boulevard west of Pennsylvania (now Big Bend) , was made last Saturday.and Charles Mann, was named the Globe Democrat Dreamhouse of 1924.847 Crestwood is also one of the older houses in the park.

The street numbers, also, at that time corresponded to the sequence which is presently found in the Moorlands addition – that is, for example, on Boland Drive and Claytonia Terrace the numbers were in the 800’s and 900’s.EARLY HISTORY In 1838 an Englishman named Kennedy bought from the U. government a tract of land of about 200 acres and developed it into a farm. Boland’s granddaughter has written a manuscript describing the Claverach estate and the house on it. Thomas was an attorney who bought the farm in order to retire be- cause of failing health. Boland, John Lewis Boland was born March 2, 1840 at Bolington, Virginia.The house consisted of one-half stories, the bricks were painted white, it had a slate roof and dormer windows. A driveway led around the barn and went straight through the fields in a maple bordered lane one fourth of a mile to Clayton Road. The house and garden were surrounded by rolling fields, which on either side run over a hill to the second hills which were wooded. The bulk of the Boland estate was sold in 1921, al- though the house stood until 1925 and was in possession of the Boland family until then. His wife was the former Miss Jane Chambers, a granddaugheer of John Mullanphy, who settled in St. He attend- ed Calvert College in Maryland and was a student there at the beginning of the Civil War.The eastern hill is now Forest Ridge, Southmoor and Oak Knoll Park: the western hill is the ridge on the east side of Hanley Road. This property is known as the old Boland Estate and was for years one of the most beautiful country estates adjoining the city”.‘The property has recently been purchased by a syndicate of prominent St.

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