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Texting, emailing, social media, and search engines are becoming more important in the daily lives of all American citizens.And while most people can easily unplug themselves from the internet and spend quality time with friends and family members in person, some people experience tremendous anxiety when they are forced to be without their phones, computers, or tablets.Driehaus, Pureval and Commissioner Todd Portune each contributed ,000 to the coordinated campaign, and the Democrats hired Columbus-based strategist Ernie Davis to run it.His job was to use data analytics to target voters and educate them on down-ballot candidates – an effort to make people familiar with first-time candidates like Pureval, Zayas-Davis and Alan Triggs, who only lost by 10 points to Joe Deters in the prosecutor's race.They even had some surprisingly close losses that indicate the writing could be on the wall for Republicans.Denise Driehaus' election to county commissioner and Aftab Pureval's to clerk of courts helped the Democrats take over a majority of the county's executive offices, perhaps for the first time ever.

"A Deters and a Winkler went down, and most people didn't think that would happen."Long-time Hamilton County Democratic Party Chairman Tim Burke could not recall whether his party has ever controlled a majority of the executive offices.

The Democrats will now control the board of commissioners for just the second time since 1962.

Overall, Republicans still control Hamilton County government because they hold a majority of the judicial seats. Bolstered by changing demographics, Democrats have been making inroads in Hamilton County since Barack Obama carried the area in 2008.

The Procter & Gamble attorney impressed party leaders from here to Washington by his tireless work ethic and ability to raise big money.

Pureval also was creative in overcoming his lack of name recognition.

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