Is sarah silverman really dating matt damon

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[Matt] reminds me of me a lot, in terms of the kind of range of parts and things that he does.

He always looks to what's the best script, what's going to make the best movie, and what isn't.

I called Terry when I found out, and he was like, “I'm sitting here in Vancouver. And they always say, “Will you write ‘Maaaaaatt Daaaaamon’? Matt, with, like, 16 *a'*s in it.” [Trey Parker and Matt Stone] are legitimate geniuses.

I'm looking out the window, and it's a beautiful sunny day, and the lights are turning red, and the lights are turning green, and cars are stopping, and cars are driving. But when that came out, I thought, So I remember asking friends of mine, and they all told me that it didn't really make sense that I was dumb. ” And then [my wife] Lucy heard an interview with [Matt and Trey] where they said the puppet showed up the day before they were supposed to shoot with it, and it looked like it had special needs, and they didn't have time to change it with the budget.

So instead of asking Matt Damon dumb questions about the new Jason Bourne movie (out this month!

), we got Damon and those people who like him a lot*—George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Tina Fey, Ben Affleck, Martin Scorsese, Matt Damon: I was sitting at George Clooney's pool in Lake Como, and Brad Pitt walked in, sat down next to me, and said, “Do you want to do a Martin Scorsese movie in Boston?

He has a real sense of what it takes to make a good movie.

Having the best part in a bad movie doesn't help you. I remember Ben and I having a realization early on.

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Just because you washed it doesn't mean it's yours.Damon: Harvey [Weinstein] hadn't seen it—somebody lower down the ladder [at Miramax] had passed. We had made a deal with Castle Rock where we had to sell it for a million dollars and whoever we sold it to had to allow us to star in it.If we didn't, it was gonna go back to Castle Rock and we were out of the movie.The most amazing gift about Matt's physical appearance is that he can walk into the hair-and-makeup trailer looking like someone who slept directly on his face for seven hours and emerge a bona fide movie star. Like, we were watching Brad [Pitt] in a movie, and one of us turned to the other and said, “I haven't heard a thing that guy said in five minutes. When you see all the colors next to each other, they look cute, but when you get one home, you're like, ‘Damn, I just got an orange sweater.’ ” But now that is withdrawn. The quality that has allowed Matt to maintain the illusion that he is Mr.I'm just looking at him.” And we realized there's a good and a bad [that comes with that]. Nice Guy is that he found a young TV actor who was just a pretty face and made friends with him so he would always look good by comparison. Simpson defense-team members] Bob Shapiro and Alan Dershowitz.

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