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Its collection centers around the many perfectly preserved artifacts recovered from the Arabia, a steamboat that sank nearby in 1856 and was buried in the mud for more than 100 years.People have gathered at the site of City Market to trade goods and produce since Kansas City was the tiny Town of Kansas.

Browse the photos above for a virtual tour, and see more market tours below.

Fred Messner of Nature's Choice Biodynamic Farm, is known around the market as "the tomato guy." He specializes in heirloom tomatoes and grows using advanced organic principles.

He's happy to offer home growers advice on getting the best yield from their tomato plants.

The area made the perfect location to outfit pioneers headed west as well as hopeful prospectors headed to the gold fields of California.

Townspeople built the first sales shed here in 1857, a short distance from the riverboat landing on the banks of the Missouri River.

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    Germany has supported Serbia during the crisis with more than four million Euros.

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