Lebanon naked girl

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During a brief interview at the end of the minute long video, Chamoun admits that it’s much easier being a ski racer than a model because “I’m not used to posing with no clothes on.” The 2013 calendar was released last year, but the video only surfaced a few days ago, when the local Al-Jadeed television highlighted it in a news broadcast, calling it a “scandal.” The images took Lebanese social media by storm, and the country has spoken of little else for the past few days.Chamoun admitted on her Facebook page to posing for the photos “with other professional athletes”and apologized for offending her critics.She and 15 other girls buzzed through their day, problem-solving and strategizing around the workshop’s challenges.The girls were eager to succeed before the day’s end, particularly since a full scholarship to LIU awaited one lucky high-achiever.“We don’t get this training or exposure to companies, so this is a big opportunity for us,” Amani reflected excitedly at her lunch break.”“There weren’t many women in my field growing up, so I want these girls to know that girls can become engineers, they can become technologists, but also that they can become bosses,” Sabine explained at the conclusion of the day.“These girls have really huge challenges, but they still came on their weekend with all their energy today. sharp, the school buses arrived to Lebanese International University (LIU) from various refugee camps across Bekaa Valley.

Join the girls in their workshop in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley through this immersive 360 video.

The accompanying behind-the-scenes video (NSFW, to be sure) is more revealing, if chill inducing.

The 22-year-old skier-turned model, clad in little more than ski boots and thong underwear, gamely acquiesces to a photographer’s request to lounge in the snow or climb a treacherous-looking icefall.

“Jackie, many Lebanese people including myself would rather see a Lebanese naked beauty than what we see in our country,” wrote one fan.

“You have not done anything wrong.” Faisal Karami, Lebanon’s caretaker minister of youth and sports, was less enthusiastic.

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