Lyrics to the dating game by icp

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It’s interesting to see these two artists grow, and it’s good that ICP is giving them another small outlet.except within the chorus, when the beat becomes dreamy and smooth-like.The beat doesn’t have much to it, but the chorus has a familiar high-pitched noise effect in the beat, and is catchy.Shaggy 2 Dope is the only one with verses, and he tells the story with ease.Their humor is still present in the song though, thus not making it a completely serious love song.The Zen of Love attraction basically has someone ask a relationship question, followed by a humorous answer by the Zen of Love.

Eerie buzzes, a faint guitar line, and a steady drum beat consists throughout the song. It’s actually a better idea than Psychopathic’s original idea of including the doesn’t really follow the concept of the House of Wax, but instead hypes ICP in a typical fashion. Clark returns to the production table, and he makes a good beat for this song. It would make more sense to include an EP of outtakes from that era; however, it’s not a big deal. (It's the Southwest.)Bitch let me hit, I won't be long As soon as I nut I'm gone."Oh-Hey, watch out! (But ya dawg did.)Bitch let me hit, I won't be long As soon as I nut I'm gone.

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