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It’s also very similar in many ways to CVS, which was the big boy of the source-control world before that.One of Git’s great features is a bidirectional bridge to Subversion called .If you’re working with a team, and some are using SVN and others are using Git, make sure everyone is using the SVN server to collaborate — doing so will make your life easier.To demonstrate this functionality, you need a typical SVN repository that you have write access to.If you look at the last commit, you can see the new ) to the Subversion server first, because that action changes your commit data.If you’re working with other developers, then at some point one of you will push, and then the other one will try to push a change that conflicts.You’ll start with the $ git svn clone file:///tmp/test-svn -T trunk -b branches -t tags Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/schacon/projects/testsvnsync/svn/.git/ r1 = b4e387bc68740b5af56c2a5faf4003ae42bd135c (trunk) A m4/acx_pthread.m4 A m4/stl_hash.m4 ...

In $ git svn dcommit Committing to file:///tmp/test-svn/trunk ...If you edit one of the files and commit it, you have a commit that exists in Git locally that doesn’t exist on the Subversion server: Next, you need to push your change upstream.Notice how this changes the way you work with Subversion — you can do several commits offline and then push them all at once to the Subversion server.Currently, the majority of open source development projects and a large number of corporate projects use Subversion to manage their source code.It’s the most popular open source VCS and has been around for nearly a decade.

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