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Multiple sightings of the car and men matching the description of Cooley and Doody were reported.

A plaster cast from the scene matched Cooley's footprints.

'All he wanted from me was any newspaper articles or any stories that were written in the local media.

'He also wanted me to extend an apology to the families of the deceased.'On the morning in question, Smoyer and Wathen were investigating reports of a suspicious vehicle parked at the ranch when they encountered two suspects who fired on the officers.

State psychiatrists have repeatedly testified that he is faking psychosis.But by then, World War Two had wreaked havoc on the case.The original investigators who would have served as witnesses had died or been killed in the war, were still in the military stationed at unknown posts or had retired to places unknown.Prosecutors reviewed the work against modern prosecutorial standards to close the case, said Suzanne Gage, a spokeswoman for the Nebraska Attorney General's Office.'If these men were living, they would be charged and, we believe, would be held responsible,' she said.Yocum said he spoke to Doody's son a few days before Tuesday's announcement.'He said he didn't want to be contacted by media,' Yocum said.

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