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In general, when the universe nudges you down a path, follow it. You’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, to be in the right place at the right time.

Soul mate meetings often start with some kind of hiccup in your daily routine, or something going wrong, or your best laid plans falling apart.

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Undyne dislikes puzzles, loves japes, The protagonist initially encounters Undyne after entering Waterfall, where Undyne stands on top of a ledge.

What starts as a shared laugh at a snarky joke could lead to a lifetime of mutual laughter. When you’re spending time with your soul mate, you’ll notice that the world is like a highway just for you. ” You’ll be at a coffee shop one hour later and that song — as obscure as it may be — will be playing. Many couples who have been married for decades describe a sense of knowing their partner was “the one” the moment they met, but this feeling can take other forms as well. You might feel a sense of urgency, like “I must talk to that person RIGHT NOW.” It’s easy to toss these feelings aside when they come out of nowhere or don’t seem to make sense, but do us a favor, OK?

Pay attention to those little moments of instant connection with people–you never know where they might take you! There will be road signs guiding you on your route. If you’re talking about your mutual love of “90210,” you’ll sit down to dinner at a restaurant and notice that the dude sitting next to you is wearing a “90210” sweatshirt. You might just feel a little wave of intensity, or your heart might beat a little faster when you meet your future soul mate pet at a shelter. Even if it goes against all logic, act on those instincts.

She acts quickly on her ideas and is steadfast in her beliefs.

which is why Undyne sees the protagonist as "a wimpy loser with a big heart." When the protagonist first encounters her, she fights to further Asgore's plan of collecting seven human SOULs but, if the protagonist shows mercy, Undyne just as quickly defends them from Asgore.

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