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The People Newspapers report that Kate Middleton, angry at being dumped publicly in April, has given Prince William an ultimatum. They say he has bought her a glittering Cartier locket and it seems they are on a make it or break it vacation.

Some bloggers are speculating that the Prince will propose on this trip using one of Princess Di’s favorite rings as the engagement ring. It is common for men to break up with women, then realize that they miss “something”… So they freak out, do whatever it takes to get back in.

Since the beginning of the season the president's daughter has become a fixture in the gallery at the San Siro when AC Milan plays. Lady B: "Milan avatar of my father, by society in order to understand such a complex undertaking in the field" Barbara Berlusconi has made interviewed by Vanity Fair for the edition will go on sale from December 22. It seems to me premature to consider a replacement.

In mid-November opening began with headquarter offices in Via Turati and Monday 'evening attended the Rossoneri's Christmas party held in a theater in downtown Milan. At week the daughter of Silvio Berlusconi and Veronica Lario talks about his Milan-thought. Later in Milan because I understand some of the dynamics on the ground in a very complex business reality. I think it's one of the most talented sports executives, looks back on thirty years of experience and a history of successful managers: Do not forget that he is the man of the pylons of our TV commercial. "In all things, even those that work, I think an important point of view which can propose new construction and improvements in a reality certainly solid, but still very traditional.

On February 20, 2011 are 25 years of family ownership Milan Berlusconi. For me it is an opportunity for professional development because, although fans, so keep your nerve. also, what is the website that has HD photos of milan's matches?

i knew it was posted somewhere here before, but i cant remember it.

16 November 2010: “Barbara Berlusconi met with Milan CEO Adriano Galliani, at Milan’s headquarters to discuss her possible involvement in the football club.

The entry of Barbara shows the great importance of Milan to the Berlusconi family, which has always been there for the team, and shows the continuing will to keep it at the pinnacle of football.Then he visited the facilities of the sports center, had lunch with the coach Massimiliano Allegri, and made Christmas greetings to employees Rossoneri.So, television studios of Milan Channel has followed the direct transmission of 'Characteristics' dedicated to Zlatan Ibrahimovic.22 November 2010: BARBARA BERLUSCONI: "I appreciated very much the affection of the fans MILAN - During the Milan-Fiorentina game, a group of Milan supporters displayed a banner to welcome Barbara Berlusconi at the club.The presidents daughter has expressed his gratitude for the gesture, saying "I appreciated very much the affection the fans in the Curva Nord showed me last Saturday.

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