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Swift could also just be reclaiming the snake symbol used against her on Twitter, of course.

That symbol proliferated after Kardashian revealed she'd taped a phone call in which Taylor told Kanye he could use lyrics about her; lyrics she later denounced online. A twist in the tail: Another theorist spotted a Satanic message in this frame of a Twitter video of a snake's tail, shared by Swift.

is the latest celebrity to join the #Flat Earth movement.

The astrophysicist, who tried to disprove the rapper on Twitter, has now released a diss track of his own.

A secret society of lizards controlling human civilization has been a feature of fiction and theory since non-fiction writer Maurice Doreal described a race of serpent-people in a 1940s pamphlet - and was popularized by David Icke in the 1980s.

Kim Kardashian being a lizard creature is a new one, however, and it's unclear what the continuing Kanye/Swift clashes would mean for reptilian civilization.

Others identified as Satanic agents are Buzz Aldrin, Ashley Graham, Bella Hadid, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Cash Me Outside girl and 'Satanic shapeshifter Miley Cyrus'.

TO END, by way of integrity and god-given creativity, the regime and illicit power structures responsible for 9/11 and to replace the system that made 9/11 necessary.

We solicit collaboration with others who are committed to achieving these goals by way of peaceful transformation.

The music video for Swift's first single, Look What You Made Me Do, also features snake imagery.

That, apparently, is all it takes to kick-start a string of crazy conspiracy theories. We haven't seen an actual picture of her for months now(due to the pregnancy).

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