Updating a house of tomorrow

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The novel isn't about punk music, it's about the people playing it.- It's a good story- the plot is quick paced but thoughtful and never boring.

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It's a brilliant story of a teen named Sebastian, living with his grandmother in a futuristic house.

The National Trust’s experience stewarding Modernist resources will help ensure the long-term preservation of the House of Tomorrow.

Sebastian Prendergast, the teenage narrator of Bognanni's funny and unique debut, lives in Iowa's first geodesic dome with his grandmother, a devout follower of futurist philosopher Buckminster R. But when Nana has a stroke, Sebastian is thrown together with Janice and teenage Jared Whitcomb, who were touring the home when Nana was stricken.

Since his parents' death when he was very young, 16-year-old Sebastian has lived in Iowa's first geodesic dome with Nana (his grandmother), a devout follower of designer and futurist R. Nana has home schooled Sebastian and allowed him little contact with the outside world beyond the tour groups that come to the dome each week, and he is ready to follow the path that she has set for his future.

When she suffers a stroke one day, Sebastian's life is thrown into turmoil.

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