Updating data in a database requires updating the schema

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However, I am both DBA and Developer, so this does not matter in my case.So, what are the risks of updating a production database using EF?Schema objects do not have a one-to-one correspondence to physical files on disk that store their information.

This is done by applying one or more change-sets to the existing [email protected]: Unless you are using Automatic Migrations (which I am not), you do get something very similar to a T-SQL schema migration script as part of the generated Db Migration class. IMO it's also much easier to check for validity than T-SQL since it's easier to comprehend than SQL syntax.Mason: I am not looking to advertise any opinion here, I am asking for points I might have missed because I don't understand what the blog post I linked to is talking about.The data of each object is physically contained in one or more of the tablespace's datafiles.For some objects (such as tables, indexes, and clusters) a database administrator can specify how much disk space the Oracle RDBMS allocates for the object within the tablespace's datafiles.

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