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We got to Calgary, I was super excited and I was going to lunch with everyone and the producers.There was nothing weird about that, we’re a close knit family and it made sense we’d all get together for lunch before starting the season.So, at the moment we are chasing the chronicle of Paulo Costanzo and finding out some relationship details and the details of his sexual orientation.

But has he made a special corner for a special one or is he secretly married?

I care more about Melanie Scrofano than I care for the character Wynonna Earp, and I love Wynonna Earp.

I didn’t even have that thought, so when I saw she had it and it all came out, I think it was a great sense of relief all around.

In fact, Rozon recently spoke exclusively with The TV Junkies about the cast’s reaction to the news, and how he was in utter awe of the work Scrofano put in this season.

He said he wasn’t alone either, and recalled a time costar Dominique Provost-Chalkley expressed a similar sentiment.

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